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About White Cross Rubber Products

White Cross Rubber Products Limited is the UK's specialist rubber sheetings and rubber coated textile manufacturer. Handling a complete spectrum of rubber, textile and alternative substrate materials, we design and manufacture high performance rubber sheeting, reinforced rubber sheeting and rubber coated fabrics with an enviable range of thicknesses, widths, constructions and finishes. Serving demanding markets and applications across the globe, the company are recognised experts in calendered butyl, EPDM and thermoplastic blend sheetings.

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Company History

Present company has links to a long legacy of polymer processing in the Lancaster area.

  • Pre 1983 Present company has links to a long legacy of polymer processing in the Lancaster area.
  • 1983 WCRP Ltd. is founded from former rubber products division of Storeys Industrial products as management buy out/ buy in takes place.
  • 1980's Company is sponsored by the Exxon Company to manufacture products made from butyl rubber (IIR), establishing the rubber waterproof membrane. Company continues to service technical key markets such as UK defence and flexible fuel cells.
  • Early 1990's Company diversifies the range it is producing to service the growing demand for specialised rubber sheetings and rubber coated textiles.
  • 1996 Company becomes owned by a single major shareholder to focus support offered to customers.
  • Late 1990's New premises are taken on to accommodate growth, now totals approx. 5,500m².
  • Early 2000's Company develops method of processing TPE blend materials and enters into Automative market
  • 2006 Ongoing investment and plant improvements is realised with the introduction of new machinery which enhances the company's capability to produce reinforced sheeting products with various construction and finishes.
  • Late 2000's Further key appointments bring in a broader experience base to the management team. Company now family owned.
  • 2010 onwards Company remains the sole UK manufacturer of butyl and EPDM waterproof membranes whilst producing an increasingly diverse range of specialised rubber sheetings and rubber coated textiles from a whole range of rubbers and textiles. Moves into oil & gas market and F1 amongst others.
  • 2013 Company celebrates 30 years trading as the same company, introduces new working practices to benefit customers and employees alike.
  • 2015 To compliment domestic business, the company is actively offering it's specialised services to export markets across the globe.
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Our People

Management Team

The management team is dedicated to operating a company that exceeds customer satisfaction through; outstanding customer service, high quality products, complete back up service and integrated customer relationships.

  • rodney harper

    Rodney HarperChairman and CEO

  • philip harper

    Philip HarperManaging Director

  • stewart dickson

    Stewart DicksonManufacturing and Technical Director

Skilled Rubber Processing Operatives

At White Cross Rubber Products we foster a multi-skilled team ethic with skilled individuals having extensive experience in milling, calendering, mixing, spreading, curing and fabricating a wide range of rubber products. The business is ably supported by key people in quality, finance and office administration.

skilled rubber processing operatives
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Our Philosophy

White Cross Rubber Products has an extensive range of rubber processing equipment and a knowledgeable, experienced and committed team of customer service, quality, technical, production and sales personnel.

  • Our aim is to expand our presence in the many diverse and demanding markets and industries that we serve, through continued high quality, outstanding customer service and an innovative approach to the manufacture of specialised rubber sheetings and coated textiles.
  • The company is focussed on achieving, maintaining and exceeding customer satisfaction.
  • We believe that by integrating our rubber sheetings and rubber coated textiles know-how with the industry specific knowledge of our customers and suppliers... White Cross Rubber Products will become synonymous with World Class Rubber Processing.
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Business Relationships

We see ourselves as a valued partner to your business.

We know that only by working closely with you and getting to know your business can we offer you the best service. We are always willing to develop relationships and take great pleasure and satisfaction in helping our customers businesses to progress. We have an entrepreneurial spirit, are adaptable and actively take a fresh approach to new opportunities.

Our approach is to ensure our customers receive 'best value' for high quality rubber sheet products and coated fabrics.

We optimise our supply chain purchasing and production path efficiencies to enable us to pass the cost savings on to the customer. Our philosophy is to develop long term relationships with our customers by providing the highest quality materials and components at a competitive value for money price.

business relationships
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We regularly review our environmental and social policy to ensure on-going and, where possible, improved compliance with relevant legislation.

  • We look for minimum environmental impact production processes and products.
  • REACH recommendations have been implemented throughout our operations.
  • We are an equal opportunities employer.
  • Our company subscribe product, personnel and expertise to community initiatives.
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