Reinforced EPDM Rubber Sheeting Manufacturers

Reinforced EPDM sheet (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer sheet) is manufactured to the customers specification. WCRP Ltd is a UK based EPDM sheet manufacturer specialised in supplying custom made parts.

EPDM rubber is a versatile polymer which allows a high degree of variation in compound design for both general and speciality purposes. (see rubber properties table).

Reinforced EPDM Sheeting | EPDM Insertion | Supported EPDM sheet | EPDM Engineered Fabrics/Textiles

Reinforced EPDM sheet can be referred to as EPDM insertion, supported EPDM sheet and EPDM engineered fabrics/textiles. From a manufacturers point of view, they share a high degree of technical similarities.

EPDM insertion can be supplied with single or multiple insertions, uncured reinforced EPDM sheet for moulding and fabrications and smooth or cloth finish supported EPDM sheet are offered with a range of supporting fabrics and alternative substrates:

    1. Polyester reinforced EPDM sheeting
    2. Nylon reinforced EPDM sheeting
    3. Cotton reinforced EPDM sheeting
    4. Rayon reinforced EPDM sheeting
    5. Nomex reinforced EPDM sheeting
    6. Kevlar reinforced EPDM sheeting
    7. Glass cloth reinforced EPDM sheeting
    8. Steel or other metal mesh reinforced EPDM sheeting
    9. Aramid reinforced EPDM sheeting

Custom Made Reinforced EPDM Sheeting Manufacturing Guidelines

Colour Black or coloured reinforced EPDM sheet
Width Reinforced sheet >1.85m (dependent on reinforcement layer)
Gauge Rubber topping >0.25mm upwards.
Total weight 125 GSM+
Insertion weight Insertions from – 65 G/M2 to 850 G/M2
Hardness 30 – 90 IRHD EPDM
Construction Single or multiple engineered insertions
Cure state Cured or un-cured supported EPDM sheeting
Surface finish Smooth reinforced EPDM sheet / Cloth reinforced EPDM sheet
Roll lengths Bulk rolls, despatched to preference (10m+)
Ancillary services Supported EPDM sheet slit strip, laminations and cut panels
Availability Made to order to customer specification. Subject to minimum order quantity
Service options Contract Manufacture, Design & Manufacture and Commission Manufacture


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