Reinforced Silicone Rubber Sheeting Manufacturers

Manufacturers of custom reinforced silicone sheet, White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. supply a variety of supported silicone sheet products tailored to the customer’s exact requirements.

Reinforced silicone sheet retains the key operating temperature characteristics of silicone whilst offering increased mechanical strength (see rubber properties table).

Reinforced Silicone Sheeting | Supported Silicone Sheet | Silicone Engineered Fabrics or Textiles | Silicone Insertion Sheet

Reinforced silicone sheet, supported silicone sheet, engineered silicone fabrics or textiles and silicone insertion sheet are all synonyms to describe the same type of product.

Bespoke Silicone Rubber Sheet

Supported silicone sheet is manufactured to a set of agreed specifications, the customer can request from a range of compounds including low smoke and low toxicity silicones. Uncured and semi cured reinforced sheet can be supplied with either a smoth or cloth surface finish. A range of textile and alternative substrates are available:

  1. Polyester reinforced silicone sheeting
  2. Nylon reinforced silicone sheeting
  3. Nylon leno reinforced silicone sheeting
  4. Cotton reinforced silicone sheeting
  5. Rayon reinforced silicone sheeting
  6. Nomex reinforced silicone sheeting
  7. Kevlar reinforced silicone sheeting
  8. Glass cloth reinforced silicone sheeting
  9. Steel mesh reinforced silicone sheeting
  10. Scrim reinforced silicone sheeting
  11. Aramid reinforced silicone sheeting

Custom Made Reinforced Silicone Rubber Sheet Manufacturing Guidelines

ColourColours on request
WidthReinforced silicone sheet up to 1.85m (dependent on support strata)
GaugeRubber topping 0.20mm upwards.
Total weight125 G/M2+
Insertion weightInsertions – 65 G/M2 to 850 G/M2
Hardness30 – 90 IRHD silicones
ConstructionSingle or multiple insertions
Cure stateCured or un-cured supported silicone sheet
Surface finishPlate or cloth surface finish
Roll lengthsCustomer choice (10m+), bulk rolls
AncillariesSupported silicone sheet cut panels, slit strip and laminations
AvailabilityMade to order to customer specification. Subject to minimum order quantity
Service optionsContract Manufacture, Design & Manufacture and Commission Manufacture


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