Reinforced Viton® Rubber Sheeting Manufacturers

High quality reinforced Viton® sheet is custom manufactured to the customer’s exact specifiction by White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. Viton® is the most well known of the Fluroelastomers (FKM), a group of high performance rubbers.

Viton® material possesses a range of outstanding technical properties which make reinforced Viton® sheeting suitable for many demanding applications (see rubber properties table).

Reinforced Viton® Sheeting | Reinforced FKM Sheeting | Viton® Insertion Sheet | Supported Viton® Sheet | Viton® Engineered Fabrics or Textiles

Reinforced Viton® sheet, supported FKM sheeting and Viton® insertion sheet are names used in different countries and industries to describe the same product type. Some also refer to  Viton® engineered fabrics or textiles.

Bespoke Viton® Rubber Sheeting

White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. manufactures a range of Viton® insertion sheeting of various hardnesses (50 to 90 shore), cloth finish Viton® insertion or smooth finish Viton® insertion as well as uncured Viton® sheeting or semi-cured supported Viton® sheeting. WCRP Ltd. offer an extensive range of fabrics or alternative substrates:

  1. Rayon reinforced Viton® sheeting
  2. Nomex reinforced Viton® sheeting
  3. Kevlar reinforced Viton® sheeting
  4. Glass cloth reinforced Viton® sheeting
  5. Steel mesh reinforced Viton® sheeting
  6. Scrim reinforced Viton® sheeting
  7. Aramid reinforced Viton® sheeting
  8. Polyester reinforced Viton® sheeting
  9. Nylon reinforced Viton® sheeting
  10. Nylon leno reinforced Viton® sheeting
  11. Cotton reinforced Viton® sheeting

Reinforced Viton® Rubber Sheet Manufacturing Guidelines

Colour Black supported Viton® sheet, colours available
Width 0.5m up to 1.85m – wide width manufacturer (can be dependent on substrate)
Gauge Viton® topping from 0.25mm upwards. Total product gauge from 0.5mm upwards
Total weight 125 GSM upwards
Insertion weight Typically 65 GSM – 850 GSM
Hardness 50 IRHD, 60 IRHD, 70 IRHD, 80 IRHD, 90 IRHD
Construction Different Viton® grade, colour, cure state, surface finish on opposing faces. Single or multi layer construction
Cure state Cured, un-cured, semi-cured reinforced Viton® sheeting
Surface finish Cloth or smooth finish surface finish. Bespoke patterns
Roll lengths Customer preference (10m+)
Ancillaries Reinforced Viton® strip (slitting), panel cutting, laminating
Availability Made to order to customer specification. Subject to minimum order quantity
Service options Contract Manufacture, Design & Manufacture and Commission Manufacture


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