Vamac® Rubber Sheeting Manufacturer

Specialist Vamac® sheeting is manufactured by White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. in the United Kingdom. The company supplies technical Vamac® sheeting to customers looking for a non-standard solution.

Vamac® is Dupont’s brand of ethylene acrylic rubber (AEM) and is often the name used when generically referring to this family of synthetic elastomers.

Vamac® Sheeting | Ethylene Acrylic Sheet | Calendered Vamac® Sheet | Uncured Vamac® Sheet

Calendered Vamac® sheet is manufactured in wide widths and thin gauges using especially formulated compounds. Technical compounding can deliver a range of augmented properties including low smoke/ low toxicity Vamac® sheet and different shore hardnesses (IRHD 40-80). On request uncured and semi-cured Vamac® sheet can be supplied.

Custom Made Vamac® Sheeting Manufacturing Guidelines

Colour Black / coloured Vamac® sheet
Width Manufactured up to 1.85m wide
Gauge Thin gauge – from 300mym
Hardness Vamac® sheet – 40 IRHD to 90 IRHD
Construction Multi-ply single sheet
Cure state Fully,  semi and uncured Vamac® sheet
Surface finish Cloth finish / smooth finish Vamac® sheet
Roll lengths Bulk manufacturer despatched to order
Ancillaries  Vamac®strip, Vamac® panels, laminations
Availability Made to order to customer specification. Subject to minimum order quantity
Service options Contract Manufacture, Design & Manufacture and Commission Manufacture


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