SBR Rubber Sheeting Manufacturers

White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. manufacture custom SBR sheet and SBR blend sheeting. Delivered to the customer’s exact requirements our SBR sheeting products supply OEMs in a diverse range of industries.

SBR exhibits a range of properties not dissimilar to natural rubber (see rubber properties table), commonly used in tyres, SBR sheet can be used a variety of general purpose applications.

SBR Sheeting | Calendered SBR Sheet | Styrene Butadiene Rubber Sheet

SBR sheet is calender manufactured in the UK, sometimes it is referred to by its full technical name, styrene butadiene rubber sheet. Manufactured in a range of compounds (IRDH 40-80), it can be supplied as either fully cured or uncured SBR sheet. Surface finsh can be specified, smooth finish SBR sheet and cloth finish SBR sheet being the most common.

Custom Made SBR Sheeting Manufacturing Guidelines

ColourBlack / coloured SBR sheet
WidthSBR sheet manufacturer – up to 1850cm
GaugeThin gauge  – from 300mym
Hardness 40 IRHD to 90 IRHD
ConstructionMulti-ply single sheet
Cure stateSemi-cured or uncured SBR sheet customisations
Surface finish Cloth finish or smooth finish
Roll lengthsCustomer’s preference, bulk roll manufacturer
Ancillaries SBR (slitting), SBR panels, laminations
Availability Made to order to customer specification. Subject to minimum order quantity
Service optionsContract Manufacture, Design & Manufacture and Commission Manufacture


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