Butyl Coated Textiles Manufacturer

WCRP Ltd. is a specialist butyl coated fabric manufacturer based in Lancaster, UK. Our Custom butyl coated textile products and services are tailored to the customer’s exact specification.

Butyl coated fabrics benefit from butyl material’s exceptional impermeable qualities to water and gases whilst resisting attack by ozone and other enviromental elements (see rubber properties table).

Butyl Coated Tabrics | Butyl Proofed Textiles | Butyl Tri-laminates

Butyl coated or proofed textiles and butyl tri-laminates are manufactured via the same ‘knife over roller’ process. A range of customisations in coating thickness and weight are available, semi or uncured butyl coated textiles can be supplied. Our range of Butyl coated fabrics includes:

  1. Butyl coated nylon
  2. Butyl coated polyester
  3. Butyl coated cotton
  4. Butyl coated rayon
  5. Butyl coated kevlar
  6. Butyl coated aramid
  7. Butyl coated nomex
  8. Butyl coated glass cloth

Custom Made Butyl Textile Manufacturing Guidelines

ColourOrdinarily black although colured butyl available
Width Wide width – up to 1.85m
Gauge>0.5mm – total product gauge (dimensions can be dependent on textile)
Coating weightFrom 60 GSM butyl coating per face
Textile weight65 to 850 GSM
HardnessVarious 30 IRHD – 90 IRHD
ConstructionSingle/double face coating and tri-laminate (different coating weight/fabric either side)
Cure stateCured, uncured, semi-cured butyl proofed fabric
Surface finish Smooth or cloth surface finish options
Roll lengthsBatched per customer’s instructions
AncillariesButyl coated strip and cut panels
Availability Made to order to customer specification. Subject to minimum order quantity
Service optionsContract Manufacture, Design & Manufacture an Commission Manufacture


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