Bespoke rubber sheetings and rubber coated textiles manufacturing services

Demanding businesses that utilise or need to procure specialised custom-made rubber sheetings and rubber coated fabrics can benefit from the flexible services offered by White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. We understand that customer aren’t all the same and have varied needs, expertise and capabilities.

Whether you know exactly what you need and have processed it for years, require a diagnostic on an under-specified part or want to develop something entirely new, White Cross Rubber have the service option to guide you through the procurement and development process.

To find out about your needs and the support you require, we ask you the following questions?

  • Do you want to replace an existing product or develop a new product?
  • Do you have full written rubber sheeting, reinforced rubber sheeting or rubber coated textile specifications?
  • Do you have full raw material (rubber, textile, other substrate) specifications?
  • Do you have a sample of the product you want to replicate or improve?
  • Do you have a full description of the performance characteristics you want the product to exhibit?
  • Do you have a full description of the service environment in which the product will be operating?
  • Do you have your own materials that you want to be converted?
  • What volumes do you require annually and per order?
  • What target price do you need to achieve?

White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. have a service option designed to cater for most requirements: