Rubber Sheeting and Rubber Coated Textiles for the Oil, Petroleum and Gas Industry

White Cross Rubber Products Ltd has worked within the oil, petroleum and gas industry for over 30 years supporting customers and projects in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

Given the nature of the challenges faced in this industry, high performance elastomers are commonly used to offer excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, chemicals and extreme temperatures.
These include Nitrile (NBR) sheeting & coated textiles, Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) sheeting and coated textiles, Epichlorohydrin sheeting and coated textiles and Viton (FKM) sheeting and coated textiles (see our guide to ‘Which elastomer offers the best fuel and oil resistance’).

Supporting Your Unique Projects

We can custom manufacture these products to a wide range of thicknesses, widths and constructions, making it possible to put your projects into action no matter how specialised they are in nature. Furthermore we understand that customers need supporting in different ways, which is why we offer a range of support packages from Design and Manufacture through to Commission Processing. No matter what you need we can offer the technical guidance and manufacturing capabilities to take your project forwards.

We believe that it’s not just our core products but our flexibility and experience that makes us stand out as providers of rubber sheeting and coated textiles within this sector.

Benefit From Years of Applied Technology

Alongside our custom made offering customers can also benefit from the years of know-how that have been used to create our Applied Technology products, many of which are appropriate for the oil, petroleum and gas industries.

With regards to the midstream sector of the industry our ‘Petroseals Rubber Membranes, Sheetings and Fabrics for Floating Roof Storage Tank Seal Systems’ are employed in bulk hydrocarbon storage tank farms around the globe.

Our ‘Specialist Rubber Gasket, Diaphragm and Seal Sheeting and Textiles’ are often found with applications within the oil, petroleum and gas sectors.

Some projects can also greatly benefit from our flexible fuel cell sheetings and textiles.

Feel free to browse our technical section for more detail on our capabilities or you can simply get in touch instead. We’ll listen to your requirements, discuss solutions and find the best way to support you.