Products for the Leisure Industry

Many exciting leisure pursuits, especially around the water, rely upon waterproofed rubber sheeting and rubber coated textiles remade into waterproof drysuits, dinghies, and other uses.

We work with a great many sporting and leisure manufacturers supplying them with high quality machined rubber and rubberised textiles to be worked into the right equipment.

Waterproofing is a Must

For so many river, lake, and oceangoing applications, fully waterproofed, reliable rubber sheeting is vital. Our waterproofed membranes and textiles are in high demand from many big names in the leisure industry – we invite you to join them. The reputation and reliability of our products is well established, but we don’t rest on our laurels – we’re always looking for ways to deliver even better products.

Reliable Expertise Across the Field

Unlike specialist teams within leisure companies, our team has the expertise needed to meet unusual challenges that may arise using skills developed to handle the requirements of other industries.

We offer a truly unique manufacturing capability within the rubber industry having developed and refitted our equipment as we overcame new challenges presented by the changing needs of each industry, including leisure industry.

Whatever you need, we’re in a great position to develop and supply the solution you need – using our wide range of experience to your benefit.

To discuss unique orders or simply to find out how good a fit we can be for you, you can contact us today through our form, at [email protected], or by calling +44 (0)1524 585200