Rubber Sheeting in Construction & Civil Engineering

Rubber and reinforced rubber materials have a wide variety of uses in construction, especially in major civil engineering projects.

High quality calendered rubber sheeting manufactured by White Cross Rubber in is impermeable, elastic and durable – the essential characteristics required for many construction and civil engineering applications.
Being the only UK manufacturer of these types of products means that we have an enviable track record and an understanding of the formulations that are needed to be effective in this market.

EPDM and Butyl Sheeting for Construction and Civils Projects

EPDM and Butyl are two of the most commonly used elastomers in the construction industry as they share very similar rubber properties; importantly they resist degradation through weathering, UV and ozone attack. This enables speciality EPDM and Butyl sheeting to enjoy a long service life in most construction applications where typically it is employed to act as a barrier against water ingress of one form or another.

Applied Technology Rubber Sheetings for the Construction Industry

White Cross Rubber have several ranges of products that have been developed to serve the construction and civils markets. These proven high quality solutions manufactured in the UK include Rubber Roofing, Waterproof Membranes and Textiles, Expansion Joint Rubber Laminate Strip to waterproof expansion joints in bridges and car parks and EPDM facade strip. Many of our construction products have been approved to the relevant industry standards.

Custom Made Sheeting for the Construction Industry

The construction market like many others that we serve is fast moving with architects, developers and contractors looking to push the boundaries of construction techniques to achieve more impressive feats and faster completion times. Frequently this can involve novel waterproofing techniques that can accommodate some ground or building movement. Our hard earned ‘know-how’ in this field along with our design and manufacture services and facilities puts in the ideal position to collaborate with innovate construction materials companies looking to bring new solutions to market.

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