Rubber Coated Textiles Manufacturer

We custom manufacture rubber coated textiles in the UK. Our service offers tailor-made rubber coated textiles manufactured to the customer’s exact specifications.

Also known as technical coated textiles and rubber proofed fabrics, WCRP Ltd can provide an extensive range of rubber coated textiles using a wide selection of base materials. We are also a rubber tri-laminate materials manufacturer.

Our wide variety of options is made possible through our flexible services:

Customised Rubberised Textiles and Fabrics

As a specialist rubber coated textiles manufacturer, we can offer a range of product customisations, including semi-cured and uncured rubber coated fabrics. Smooth finish and fabric finish options are also available.

Rubber Coated Textile Ranges

You can learn more about our main rubber coated fabric lines in the links below. However, we tailor our custom designs to the requirements of our clients; if you can’t find what you need listed, please contact us to discuss your specialist needs. You can call us on +44 (0) 1524 585200 or email [email protected].

View Applied Technology Rubber Coated Textiles Range

Applied Technology

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