Aviation Rubber Sheeting Production

Rubber components and aircraft textiles are an intrinsic and essential part of aircrafts to the extent that safe flight wouldn’t be possible without them.

An acute focus on specification and reliability is demanded within aviation to be certain that the products can withstand the extreme duress flight puts them under.
This quality-first approach applies to the rubber sheetings and rubber coated textiles manufactured by White Cross Rubber in the UK for the aviation industry with our products being approved by global aircraft manufacturers.

Knowledgeable, Reliable, Dependable

At White Cross Rubber we’ve amassed a great deal of experience and industry knowledge that we have cultivated into providing high-performance and reliable products. Like many of our other products, a large proportion of our aviation sheeting products are custom-designed to ensure the right fit for our client’s demands, especially when it comes to such high-intensity fields. We are proud to have provided numerous solutions for use in aviation, such as high-strength and flame-retardant materials used in bulk-head restraints and sheeting for low pressure inflatable lifting bags.

The Solution For Your Business

We work in partnership with our customers in the UK and overseas to develop the best products for the aviation industry. We understand customers from the aviation industry have very specific knowledge and ways of working, contributing our rubber sheeting and coated textile ‘know-how’ to the collaboration for best effect.

We have a variety of services designed to fit the different needs of customers, and an ability to process virtually all elastomers and substrates into an enviable range of widths, thicknesses and constructions.

Contact us to discuss how White Cross Rubber can manufacture the rubber sheeting and rubber coated textiles for your application. You can use our form, email us on [email protected], or call +44 (0)1524 585200