Viton® FKM Coated Textiles Manufacturers

Viton® FKM coated textiles are custom manufactured in the UK with a wide array of materials and specifications available. Other grades of FKM flouroelastomer coated textiles are also supplied.

Viton® is one of the best known flouroelastomers (FKM), this family of high performance rubbers is characterised by some outstanding properties. Viton® material provides excellent resistance at high operating temperatures and excellent resistance to a wide range of acids and fuels (see rubber properties table).

Viton® FKM Coated Textiles | Viton® Proofed Fabrics

Viton® coated fabrics, Viton® proofed textiles and technical coated Viton® textiles can all be considered synonyms for the same product type. The Viton® coating or proofing provides the fabric or textile with augmented technical characteristics.

WCRP Ltd. manufacture technical viton® coated fabrics up to 1.85 metres wide using a range of Viton® rubber compounds. Uncured Viton® coated fabrics or partly cured Viton® coated fabrics can be supplied in accordance with the customer’s specification. Our range of Viton® coated fabrics include:

  1. Viton® proofed kevlar
  2. Viton® proofed aramid
  3. Viton® proofed nomex
  4. Viton® proofed cotton
  5. Viton® proofed polyester
  6. Viton® proofed nylon
  7. Viton® proofed glass cloth
  8. Viton® proofed rayon

Custom Made Viton® Textiles Manufacturing Guidelines

Colour Black or coloured Viton® coating compound
Width 0.5m – 1.85m (dependent on textile)
Gauge >0.5mm – total product gauge (can be dependent on textile)
Coating weight 60 GSM upwards
Textile weight In the range 65 to 850 GSM
Hardness Nominally from 50 IRHD – 90 IRHD (shore)
Construction Single or double face coating (either side different), tri-laminate (different fabrics either side)
Cure state Cured, uncured, semi-cured Viton® coated textiles
Surface finish Cloth, smooth (plate) or custom patterned finishes
Roll lengths 10m+ to meet customer’s length/weight requirements
Ancillaries Slitting, panel cutting, laminations
Availability Made to order to customer specification. Subject to minimum order quantity
Service options Contract Manufacture, Design & Manufacture and Commission Manufacture


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