Motorsport Rubber Sheeting and Coated Textiles

Motorsport market is one of the most fast paced, exciting and demanding industries that a manufacturer can service. Race teams compete to shave hundredths of a second off lap times through their pursuit of faster speeds and lighter vehicles whilst maintaining some of the highest safety standards around. Our advanced rubber sheeting and rubber coated textiles have been employed in Formula One and Indycar racing for over 30 years.

Safety Critical Motorsport Applications

Flexible fuel cells are an established feature in many motorsport disciplines. These strong but flexible fuel resistant cells, manufactured from high quality NBR rubber sheeting and rubber coated textiles, sit inside the rigid tank to resist rupture in the event of a crash, preventing fuel spillage and the threat of fire. Our Applied Technology products in this field are second to none.

Innovations in the motorsport industry are only limited by the imaginations of the skilled designers and engineers that work within it. Our Custom-Made offerings and Design and Manufacture service support these initiatives when race teams are looking to push the boundaries. Significant developments include FKM and HNBR sheeting used to create semi flexible composite parts.

Supporting Advanced Industries

When it comes to delivering new and advanced solutions, Motorsport is not the only sector that White Cross Rubber work within, we also service complimentary industries such as Aviation and Defence. It’s this exposure to different fields that makes us uniquely positioned to develop a solution fast.

We provide in-depth technical know-how and a truly unique manufacturing capability within the rubber industry, having developed our production platform across the board as we overcame new challenges presented by the changing needs of each sector.

Whatever you need, we’re in a great position to develop and supply the solution – using our wide experience to your benefit.

To discuss unique orders or simply to find out how good a fit we can be for you, you can contact us today through our form, at [email protected], or by calling +44 (0)1524 585200.