Contract Manufacture Rubber Sheeting and Rubber Coated Textiles

Contract or OEM rubber sheeting and rubber coated textiles manufacturing services are supplied by White Cross Rubber Products Ltd to companies with a regular requirement for specialised parts.

Our ‘Contract Manufacture’ service is designed for customers who procure rubber sheetings and rubber coated textiles in high volumes and/ or regular consignments. Products are ‘Custom made’ to the specification supplied by the customer or from our ‘Applied Technology’ product category. Typically customers will be looking to procure a ‘product match’ in order to dual source or switch suppliers or be scaling-up a new market entry.

OEM Rubber Sheetings and Rubber Coated Textiles Manufacturer

To optimise supply efficiencies, a set contract period is put in place with consignments delivered to an agreed schedule. In this regard, our ‘Contract Manufacture’ service sees that WCRP Ltd. operate as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and become seamlessly integrated into the customers manufacturing operation.