Defence Rubber Products

From chemical protection suits on up to dynamic fuel tanks and sea-born anti-terrorist barriers, high quality heavy-duty rubber sheeting and other rubber products and materials have essential roles to play in defence manufacturing.

Applied Expertise

Our flexible fuel tank systems are just one of the ways we bring a broad understanding of state-of-the-art applied technology to bear on rubber design and manufacture, but we like to highlight it for two reasons; first, it’s useful across many industries, but most importantly, it shows the key point in our design process; the question ‘how can this be useful to our customers’?

We also see a lot of interest from companies within the defence industry for our range of rubber textiles designed for inflatable products, particularly at the high quality, robust end – materials for rigid inflatable boats, for example, as well as for water barriers which can be deployed quickly and easily.

Broad Focus Solutions

At White Cross Rubber Products we’ve worked with manufacturing companies from multiple industries who outsource their rubber manufacturing needs to expert firms, and it’s this breadth of experience and understanding that we feel is at the root of our most important service; we can help you solve problems using techniques developed and knowledge gained while working in entirely different fields, meaning that no matter what your issue, we have a solution in hand.

An internal rubber department in any one industry is highly unlikely to be able to provide the same degree of experience and flexibility, especially on shorter development cycles – but the experts here can.

Whatever you’re ultimately looking to produce, we have the skills to produce it and the experience to help develop it. Contact us today through our form, at [email protected], or by calling +44 (0)1524 585200.