Rubber Textiles and Inflatable Material Supplier

White Cross Rubber Products Ltd as your rubber textiles for inflatable material supplier? We manufacture a range of specialist reinforced rubber sheeting and rubber coated textiles that are used to manufacture inflatable products and systems. Our roll form goods are supplied into companies with specialist fabrication capabilities.

Specialist reinforced rubber sheetings and rubber coated textiles manufactured by White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. that demonstrate excellent air retention and abrasion resistance amongst other properties are fabricated into a range of inflatable products and systems. Our capability includes:

Hypalon Materials for Rigid Inflatable Boats                                                           

High quality hypalon material reinforced by nylon and polyester textiles are used to make products such as rigid inflatable boats. The reinforced hypalon sheetings, available in a range of colours are manufactured strictly under a ‘Contract Manufacture’ agreement.

Neoprene Fabrics for Docking Seals and Low Pressure Lifting Bags

A range of neoprene materials have been developed for docking seals and low pressure lifting bags. A key product requirement for these dynamic inflatable applications is to demonstrate excellent adhesion between rubber and textile.

Inflatable rubber Sheeting and Rubber Coated Textiles


Range Market Sector Product Type Description Product Code Thickness Rubber Type Textile Type Width x Length Availability

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