Neoprene sheet, fabric and material – customised closed cell sponge

White Cross Rubber Products Limited is a specialist supplier of customised neoprene sheet, fabric and material. Our high quality products are custom made to order so an almost infinite array of thicknesses, colours and laminates are available to suit customers with specialist requirements.

The neoprene sheets, fabrics and materials supplied by White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. are offered in bulk quantities only and are suitable for large scale users looking for a consistently high quality product and a reliable supply chain.

‘Wetsuit type’ neoprene sheeting and material

This range of products is sometimes referred to as ‘wetsuit type’ neoprene or material as this is one of the most common applications and is not to be confused with other ‘solid’ neoprene sheeting and coated textiles manufactured by White Cross Rubber Products ltd. ‘Wetsuit type’ neoprene is a closed cell sponge or foam sheet that features a variety of surface finishes or textile laminates.

Customised neoprene materials and fabrics

Our bespoke products are custom-made to order and supplied in bulk to enable customers to specify to their exact requirement from a wide range of options:

Neoprene specification –  6 different grades are available depending on the physical properties required (e.g. softness or stretch), flame retardant neoprene or white neoprene sponge.

Thickness  – Neoprene sheets are supplied from 1.5mm thick in 0.5mm increments up to around 20mm thick

Surface finish – The neoprene material can be left ‘open cell’ ready for laminating, with a smooth finish or with a mesh or ‘sharks tooth’ surface impression. Surface impressions can be applied to 1 or both sides of the neoprene sheet.

Textile laminates – Lastly a choice of popular textile laminates can be selected, commonly nylon or polyester ‘jerseys’ (more than 15 colours to choose from) are applied but more specialist extra dense, lycra, velcro receptive and armatex options amongst others are available. Textile laminates can be applied to one or both sides.

Neoprene sheet, fabric and material – customised closed cell sponge

Custom Made