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White Cross Rubber Products are the UK’s specialist rubber sheeting manufacturers, supplying quality products globally for over 30 years. Our rubber sheetings are manufactured in our Lancaster, UK factory with our philosophy in mind that the minimum the customer should expect is ‘right 1st time’. It is because of this that our products are used worldwide and it is also why we care so much about our productsquality. At White Cross Rubber our high performance sheeting is designed to meet specifications and expectations with an unparalleled of service.

We provide a large selection of the highest quality rubber sheet products to Denmark. Your business should not be restricted by national borders and, in an increasingly global industry, it doesn’t have to. The quality of products and efficient production should always be considered first and with White Cross Rubber this is guaranteed. By focusing on our supply chain purchasing and production path efficiencies we are able to pass on all savings to our customers. It is because of this we have been exporting our rubber sheet products to Denmark and further afield for years.

Why choose us as your Denmark business’ rubber sheet manufacturer

At White Cross Rubber our aim is to provide the very best customer service. We understand that this is achieved by working closely with our customers and understanding their business, and this is exactly what we do. Our entrepreneurial spirit combined with our keen understanding of the industry means that we are adaptive towards new opportunities. This is just one reason as to why White Cross Rubber should be your preferred rubber sheet manufacturer for your Denmark-based business:

  • We have decades of knowledge in exporting rubber sheeting internationally
  • We are dedicated to providing incredible value to our customers
  • We have experience working with various sectors
  • We care about always supplying products that meet your unique demands
  • We look for minimum environmental impact production processes and products.

To meet the varied and growing markets of Denmark, we ensure that our products are of a consistently high standard to meet even the most challenging service environments.

What rubber types can you work with?

No other company in the UK competes with standard of our machinery or production flexibility that supply such a selection of high quality sheet-form rubber products. It is our 5,500 metre squared plant, built from continued investment, that allows us to stay so far ahead of everyone else. We have accumulated years of experience manufacturing a range of rubber sheeting, reinforced rubber sheeting and rubber coated textile products. We are experts in:

When you work with us, we think about the most suitable rubber types and apply them to your specific needs and requirements. We will make sure the most high-performance solution is delivered.

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