Rubber Industry Case Studies

Our case studies provide examples of how rubber sheeting and textiles have many different properties and can be used in a variety of applications.

White Cross Rubber Products is one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of rubber sheeting, reinforced rubber sheeting, and rubber-coated textiles. We provide high-quality products to a range of businesses across a gamut of different sectors. Serving customers for almost 40 years since our inception, our case studies present examples of how we have solved problems for clients across many industries during this time.

How is rubber sheeting made?

Rubber sheeting is predominantly manufactured via a mechanical process known as calendering. During this process, rubber compounds (such as nitrile, natural rubber, or fluoro-elastomer are milled or extruded to soften them, before being forced through cylindrical rolls which determine the width and thickness of the calendered sheeting.

Sheeting can be supplied as unvulcanised (uncured) for further forming by our customers or in order to impart optimum final characteristics vulcanised onsite. Depending on the customers’ requirements we can autoclave or rotocure the sheeting to offer a range of finishes. These processes allow us to produce rubber sheeting and textiles for a variety of different applications.

What are the features of reinforced rubber sheeting?

Reinforced rubber sheeting is used for many general-purpose as well as high-spec applications, including waterproof seals, gaskets, load bearings, insulation, inflatables, and throughout the food/beverage industry amongst others. It is particularly useful when materials that are resistant to creep or deformation are required, particularly on long-life products. We’re happy to discuss any upcoming projects before recommending the correct level of reinforced rubber sheeting.

What are the applications of rubber sheeting? Read our case studies

We are a leading rubber sheeting manufacturer in the UK. We provide products to a variety of companies across the following industries:

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Defense industry
  • Motorsport industry
  • Construction industry
  • Safety and protection industry
  • Oil, petroleum, and gas industry
  • Aerospace industry

Our case studies show why experience matters

Our business has operated continuously for almost 40 years with the UK rubber industry during which time we have earnt a reputation for quality, service, and reliability. This means we deliver proven rubber sheeting solutions across a range of applications.

As part of our service:

  • A bespoke service is available for clients who need specialised materials.
  • Rubber products can be manufactured and delivered to specification.
  • Our rubber sheeting, reinforced sheeting, and textile product are suitable for diverse applications.

We work closely with our clients to provide the best possible service. We pride ourselves on delivering orders on time, to budget, and to exact specifications. By doing this, we provide our business partners with critical solutions when it matters most. Do you have a project that needs bespoke rubber sheeting solutions? To discuss the requirements of an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact us today. A member of our experienced team will be in touch.