Rubber Properties Table

Our rubber properties chart provides a guide for making initial decisions about the suitability of an elastomer for a given application or service environment, our technicians are available to help you make informed decisions.

Most of the main rubbers are included in the properties chart below although White Cross Rubber Products Ltd’s capability also extends to a wide variety of more specialist blends and formulations. The inherent characteristics of a polymer can be compounded in a range of hardnesses and its properties improved and extended by the inclusion of additives.

Elastomer Butyl EPDM Hypalon Natural Neoprene Nitrile
Operating Temperature -45 to 150ºC -50 to 140ºC  -35 to 150ºC  -45 to 95ºC -35 to 110ºC  -35 to 125ºC
Mechanical strength  Fair/Good  Fair/Good Good/Excellent  Excellent  Good/Excellent  Good
Abrasion resistance  Good Fair  Good Good/Excellent  Good Excellent
Flex resistance  Good Fair Good Excellent  Good Fair
Low Temp. Flexibility  Good   Good/Excellent   Fair/Good  Good   Fair/Good Fair/Good
Ozone/Weather Resistance  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent Poor/Fair Good Fair
Water Resistance  Excellent  Excellent  Good Good Good Good
Impermeability to Gases  Excellent  Good Good/Excellent Fair Good Good
Oil Resistance  Poor Poor Fair Poor Fair Excellent
Fuel Resistance  Poor Poor Poor/Fair Poor Poor/Fair Good
Resistance to Dilute Acid  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Good Fair Excellent
Resistance to Dilute Alkali  Excellent  Good  Excellent Fair Fair Good
Special Properties Self extinguishing, good pigmentation Self extinguishing Fuel and oil resistance


Elastomer Polyurethane SBR Silicone Thermoplastic elatomer Vamac Viton
Operating Temperature  -50 to 90ºC  -40 to 95ºC  -60 to 300ºC  -40 to 80ºC  -30 to 175ºC  -20 to 250ºC
Mechanical strength  Excellent  Good  Poor Good Fair/Good Good
Abrasion resistance  Excellent  Excellent  Fair Good/Excellent Good Good
Flex resistance  Excellent  Good Poor/Fair Good/Excellent Fair/Good Poor/Fair
Low Temp. Flexibility  Good Good Excellent  Good Fair Poor/Fair
Ozone/Weather Resistance Excellent  Poor/Fair  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
Water Resistance  Fair Good Excellent  Good Excellent Excellent
Impermeability to Gases  Good Fair Poor Good Good/Excellent Good/Excellent
Oil Resistance  Good/Excellent  Poor Poor/Fair Poor/Fair Good Excellent
Fuel Resistance  Good Poor Poor Poor Poor/Fair Excellent
Resistance to Dilute Acid  Fair  Fair  Fair  Fair  Fair Good
Resistance to Dilute Alkali  Good Fair Fair Fair Poor Fair
Special Properties Abrasion Resistance  Heat Resistance  Non-Halogen/Low Smoke emission  Heat and Chemical Resistance