Butylite Waterproof Rubber Membranes and Rubber Coated Textiles

Butylite rubber sheetings and rubber coated textiles are the only products of their type produced in the UK by White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. This specialist flexible rubber waterproofing membrane is used for a variety of roofing, lining and containment applications.

The Butylite name can be trusted and is unique in a market dominated by large American corporations, over 20 million square metres have been produced and used in countless long life and fault free installations.

Butylite Membranes Technology

The Butylite formulation was first developed over 30 years ago now which is a sign of its success and longevity, this premium mark has been engineered to last. Featuring advanced rubber technology that has kept pace with the latest developments, Butylite membranes are watertight, flexible and highly resistant to environmental degradation.

Butylite technology is featured in our ‘Applied Technology’ ranges: