A Suite of Vulcanising (Curing) Equipment

The wide range of rubber sheeting and rubber coated textile vulcanising facilities that White Cross Rubber Products Ltd has at its disposal produces a range of products with differing constructions and finishes.

The suite of vulcanising facilities caters for both large volume production and precision requirements across a range of polymers and compounds. These include various autoclaves and rotocures.

Autoclave Cured Rubber Sheetings

Several ovens or autoclaves are available that offer different process capabilities suited to the products within our range. The company possesses one of the largest rubber autoclaves in the UK.

Rotocure Rubber Sheetings

The rotocure machine at White Cross Rubber Products Ltd provides a precision capability where more elaborate constructions and surface finishes are possible. This rotocure facility located in Lancaster, UK serves numerous market sectors.