Wide Width & Thin Gauge Rubber Calendering

Rubber sheeting and reinforced rubber sheeting which can be made to thinner gauges and wider widths than industry norms is produced by the rubber calendering process.

White Cross Rubber Products Ltd possesses a range of rubber calenders of different configurations that are used to manufacture high quality rubber sheeting and reinforced rubber sheetings. These facilities cater for high volume requirements and smaller more technical production runs, often to exceptional dimensions:

Wide Width Rubber Sheeting Manufacturer

Wide width rubber sheeting can be manufactured up to 1.85m uncured as either single or multiply sheeting.

Thin Gauge Rubber Sheeting Manufacturer

Thin gauge rubber sheeting is manufactured from 0.2mm thick which can be supplied uncured or used to calender coat substrates. Cured thin gauge sheeting can be supplied from 0.4mm upwards.

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