Ancillary Slitting, Fabrication, Panel Cutting and Lamination Processes

Ancillary Slitting, Fabrication, Panel Cutting and Lamination ProcessesRubber Sheetings and Rubber Coated Textiles manufactured by White Cross Rubber Products Ltd can be converted by our range of ancillary processes including slitting, fabrication, panel cutting and lamination.

These added value processes supply products that are further converted to be ready for on-processing by the customer saving them time and money.

Slit Rubber Sheeting

Slit rubber sheeting converts a roll at c. 1500mm wide into smaller strip from 15mm wide upwards. Used for tapes, hand wrap hoses, slit reel components amongst other applications.

Panel Cutting

Rubber sheetings and rubber coated textiles can be cut from roll dimensions into smaller panels that are suited for immediate in processing or as end product. For example: moulding blanks, press pads and over-boots.

Fabricated Rubber Sheetings

Fabricated rubber sheetings are made by welding sheets together to create a larger single piece. Hot bonding technology is used to create a strong yet flexible vulcanised seem. Applications include rooding membranes, pond liners and tube seals.

Laminated Rubber Sheeting

Laminated rubber sheeting combines the rubber sheet with another material, laminate materials include fleeces, films and mastics.